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How To Resurface Over Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Exposed aggregate concrete is popular in the decorative concrete world. In recent years, it has become the top choice for driveways, patios, community areas, paths around pools, landscaping, and outdoor entertainment areas. Achieving the perfect finish was a complex process in the past. Now, many standard methods offer creative and beautiful exposed concrete finishes. Smart Crete QLD has been concreting for more than a decade and is a certified concrete technologist. Our team is skilled with the training program and is a pro at surface prep, using decorative systems to offer you great results.

What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

The term aggregate is crushed rocks and the cement is added to them to get more durable and strong results. On an exposed aggregate driveway, colorful stones are placed on the wet concrete for getting unique and beautiful look. With time, the aggregate can dislodge with continuous water damage or brittle. Resurfacing the driveways is a simple and effective idea to remove the ruts that are left behind and prevent the damage from spreading.

Why You Should Consider Resurfacing the Exposed Aggregate Concrete Than Replacing with New?

There may be many contractors who will tell you to remove or replace the old concrete in place of resurfacing but the point is- is it really necessary? You can achieve the desired results with concrete resurfacing. It involves its own set of pros and cons and keep a look at them to get the idea of extensive repair job is worth it or not. Also, the old cement is not easy to remove when it gets hardened, so resurfacing is a cheap and less intensive solution. To get that done you have to follow the trendy yet effective solutions explained below:

Surface Coating

It is considered to be the best option when you have minimal cracks and damage in the concrete. Once the surface coating is done it keeps the water off and restricts water damage. Another reason is, it is an inexpensive solution, which means using the sealant you will receive effective results. Some common important points you can’t ignore when choosing a solution are:

  • Easy to get done
  • Cost-effective
  • The perfect option for covering small cracks or holes
  • Avoids freezing temperature damage
  • Vulnerable to water permeating and can cause wreck of the floor underneath
  • Not perfect for paths that have electrical wires, plumbing lines, or ducts under concrete

Use the Matting System and Sealant

Concrete repair usually includes the complete removal of everything from the required areas and then adding the fresh aggregate, but the idea behind the matting system and sealant is different. The mats used for the process are highly durable and effective on windy days. The repair and removal are easy. Some important points you can’t ignore when choosing solutions include:
  • Less expensive
  • Easy to remove old mats and replace them with new
  • Highly durable and low on maintenance
  • Can be customized as per needs
  • Doesn’t provide sound insulation and weather protection as with concrete
  • Getting work done for non-professionals will end you with uneven surfaces if the sealant is applied thick
  • Non-professionals’ work leaves you with imperfections.

Using A Cover System

The cover system gives you perfect results with considering smaller amounts at a time. It is a non-expensive solution because work is done in smaller amounts and you need not to pay for delivery fees. It has its own set of considerable points that you can’t ignore:

  • Installation can be done in a day or two
  • It has a very smooth surface
  • The lifespan of the system is about 6-8 months
  • Can work as a temporary solution

Adding a Mulch Top Layer

To get the dramatic, classy, versatile look with the same, you can use shredded bark, wooden ground, or any other material of your choice. It is not just a covering but offers the cover from damage or erosion. Some of the considerable points for the option include:

  • Lasts very long
  • Get a custom look with a variety of textures and colors
  • Required maintenance for mulch of top surface for better looks

Add Pavers

Adding stone or pavers on the top of the aggregate concrete is the ideal solution. Many contractors suggest removing everything and starting from basic, but that’s a time-consuming and high-cost idea especially when the structure of the current slab is working fine. Use the exposed aggregate as the base to add the mortared stone or pavers. Once the stone and pavers will be added to the already existing aggregated concrete the result means an increased height of 3 to 3.5inch increase in height. The most considerable points with the idea include:

  • Best for existing doors and stairs as add height
  • Budget-friendly and time-effective idea
  • When concrete is below the ground level then it can result in water seeping

Use Thin Brick Strips

Use thin brick strips to cover the exposed aggregate concrete. It is a low-budget look that keeps the old look of the pathway safe and even more beautiful. If it is not installed properly then can moisture seep below the exposed aggregate. The idea is to ensure moisture is not looked under the pathway.

Paint it

It is the solution for people who have very tight budgets and don’t want to get done the major repairs. It will cover the rough, uneven patches of the floor and give it a brand-new look. If you are going to choose the option then avoid using latex paints because they are not durable and can easily come out in some months. Oil-based paints are high in chemicals and can affect the environment. So, go with the eco-friendly options.

Use Tiles

Tiles are a wonderful option to cover aggregate concrete. They can be installed overtop or in front of the old finish. It gives a quick remodeling to the old place quickly and under budget. Also, you can remove the damaged tile only and are not required to get done the entire flooring of the place.


Cover the concrete with flagstone or other similar-shaped stones to get luxury flooring with ease. It gives the style, elegance, and uniqueness to the concrete floor. It is available in a variety of patterns and designs so that can get the custom look for any room. Flagstones are durable and proven ideal for high-traffic areas. After applying the flagstone, ensure it is protected with polish and will last for years.

Artificial Turf

Over the concrete using artificial turf and cover it with the concrete pavers flagstones or any other stone used to give texture to your floor. It offers natural look.


These are the ideal options for resurfacing the exposed aggregate concrete. You can get the most suitable solution. Another solution is to go with the experts near you, who will guide and suggest the ideal solution under budget with professional services. Smart Crete QLD are experts having years of experience to offer professional services as per your requirements for more information feel free to give us a call!

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