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Sealant Mistakes to Avoid in Concrete Driveways

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Hardscaping is easy to maintain and proves longevity when you get done the resealing from time to time. Choosing experts for concrete driveways in Brisbane is a search for the maximum number of Aussies. A professional team gets the resealing concrete and repairing to make it look brand new. The whole task includes the stripping of the previous sealer on the concrete patio to use the correct protective product for the aggregated concrete of the garden path. The professional method from experts helps to make your concrete last longer and look better.

The driveway’s coating should be replaced every few years. Before choosing the sealer, you must know about the areas that require special attention, your plan for driveways, and most importantly your budget. Then you can get the work done perfectly. Given are some essential tips to follow and common mistakes to avoid for excellent results.

Why Concrete Sealant is Important?

Sealant is the finishing layer that is applied on the top of concrete to safeguard that from harsh weather damage, sun, harsh chemicals, and risks of cracks. The top layer of the sealant can be done on the path, patio, coping, and driveway easily. It makes it easy to clean and retains its color and shine. One needs to replace the protective sealant every few years. So, choosing the right product is essential with professional installation. You can get done a quick test by pouring water on your concrete to ensure the concrete has not observed any moisture. If water rolls then concrete is sealed but if it is absorbed then immediate sealant should be applied. If you are uncertain if the sealant is required or not, then ask professionals for that. Here are the possible mistakes to avoid for concrete driveways.

Not Cleaning the Driveway- This is the very first and important step to apply sealant. You need to prepare the concrete area by treating the stains using scrubbers, fixing the hairline cracks, and clearing all the dirt in the driveway using the broom. If there is too much dirt or stains then can go with the pressure washer for cleaning and then wait until it dries completely. Then start with removing the old sealant using a scraper or sealant remover. If you miss any of the points then can result in a huge mistake.

No Patch Test- Searching for sealant in the market will give you a flood of options and the task is which one will go best for your concrete driveway. So, choosing the right sealant will be a crucial step because making a wrong choice will be bad for your concrete and also prove a waste of money as well. You can ask the expert’s advice to choose the sealant, especially for the concrete and its requirements. Like, if you want it used around pools surrounded by concrete then it should be water protection. For colored concrete, go for the glossy sealant. You can conduct a patch test to create the discrete corner of the concrete. Let it dry and then you can choose which is the right product for you. Professional concrete specialists will make you choose the most suited and quality sealant for a concrete driveways or path.

Improper Sealant Application- There are different methods of spreading sealant and requires different equipment to complete. Sealants can be applied using painting, spraying, and rolling with the right tools. If including harsh chemicals then some personal protective equipment like eyewear, gloves, and masks are recommended. For an even finish, ensure you have followed the steps given by the manufacturer and pay special attention to the areas for creating structures or landscaping to avoid splashes.

Avoiding Weather Conditions– Choosing the right product is not enough but you need to also know that when you conduct the sealant application. Sealant takes around 24 hours to dry and should be used after that only. Perform the sealant application on a sunny day. Ensure that during the period of drying and curing the pathways remained unused. If you have parking after the driveways then make other parking arrangements.


Your driveways require special care and getting the work done by the experts in Brisbane will provide you with premium concrete services. Smart Crete QLD is a trusted name having a team of professional concreters in Brisbane with expert training and knowledge to use the special product to transform your simple driveway into a beautiful piece of art. We are experts in concrete sealing and resealing and get done the perfect installations. For more information feel free to give us a call.

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